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With the in-house tailor-made apps, Eneco Energy are driving change and challenging the way the industry functions.

Exploring to grow the logistics business, strengthen the market position and looking into business diversification for new market.

Eneco Energy Limited (“Eneco Energy” or the “Group”) is listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Limited (SGX-ST) and is the holding company of RichLand Logistics Services Pte Ltd, incorporated in Singapore. The Group has been in the logistics services sector since 1992 under the brand of Richland Logistics. Eneco Energy is actively exploring to grow its core logistics business and strengthen its market position while looking into business diversification for new markets.

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Why Choose Eneco

So why choose Eneco as a business partner?

Simply because Eneco is everyone’s number one choice. Eneco is well established in the market and carrying the company’s core values with SPIRIT. Eneco always put customers first and exceeding their expectations. We always believe in our people and that they can make a difference in achieving our goals. Our strength lies not only in our technology but also in our willingness to expand our existing logistics business and looking out for new potential business opportunities. Only change can bring about improvement and the trust from our stakeholders will be the key to our business success.


    We put safety and our environment first.


    We are professional at all times.


    We strive for continual improvement.


    We never give up.


    We do the right thing, always.


    We work together for everyone’s benefit.

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