Our Business

Business Model

We are an industry leader with more than 150 trucks and trailers. GPS monitoring and in-house tailor-made apps on transport management system allow for optimal delivery performance through our dynamic route planning and giving us maximum control. Be it nationwide distribution or home deliveries, we are equipped with a dedicated fleet. We promise quality delivery performance that meets the need of customers and ensures that the delivery is on time round the clock.

Our Solutions / Operations

As a true 3PL provider, we are constantly investing in our operations and equipment in order to provide solutions and achieve customer satisfaction.


Technology is reshaping the future of logistics. Changemakers are using accelerated growth of technologies to create more resilient business models. Robotic order picking and packaging is the way forward for logistics platforms to save time and cost. Warehouse management services have been made greater in size and value for shipping services that can ride through storms. Changing shopping habits to using internet and smartphone have consumers started getting used to a changing world of new normal. In order to stay competitive, we will be looking into digital transformation for our logistics business.


Logistics is our core business. We are expanding and looking into diversification for new market.

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