• Completion on the disposal of PT Richland Indonesia.
  • Removal from the mandatory quarterly reporting list by SGX-ST.


  • Entered into a conditional shares sale and purchase agreement in relation to the proposed disposal of PT Richland Indonesia.
  • Extension of time to exit from the watch-list.
  • Resumption of trading on SGX-ST.
  • Allotment of 1.66 billion Ordinary Shares and Warrants.
  • Completion on the disposal of Oil & Gas business.
  • Entered into a placement agreement with SAC Capital Private Limited.
  • Divestment of Ramba Energy Investments Limited.
  • Receipt of No Objection Letter from SGX-ST in relation to resumption of trading.


  • Entered into settlement & transfer agreement with Jadestone Energy (Lemang) Pte Ltd.
  • Full and final settlement with Super Power Enterprises Group Limited.
  • Trading resumption application to SGX-ST.


  • Entered into a Deed of Release and Settlement with Mandala Energy Lemang Pte. Ltd. relating to the Group’s Participating Interest in the Lemang Production Sharing Contract.
  • Striking off RichLand Project Logistics Pte Ltd.
  • Striking off RichLand Commercial Properties Pte Ltd.
  • Executed Deeds of Discharge and Release with Mercuria Asset Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited and Mercuria Energy Trading Pte Ltd.
  • Requested voluntary suspension for trading on SGX-ST.
  • Received notice of compliance from SGX-ST to perform quarterly reporting of unaudited financial statements.


  • Placed on the watch-list by SGX-ST.
  • Expanded relationship with Schneider Electric Singapore with a new 2 years domestic distribution contract.
  • Dissolution of Ramba Energy Corridor Limited and Ramba Exploration Indonesia Limited.
  • Secured new Logistics contract with Huawei International Pte Ltd.
  • Company name changed to Eneco Energy Limited (Formerly known as Ramba Energy Limited).

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